I'm kind of new with JSP and I'm developing an school project.

So far I have my web application configured to work with a database.

Now I have a form that receives a user and a password, then when the user clicks enter, it calls a servlet which checks that user and password with the database, if the user exists the servlet redirects you to a page called "configuration".

This page is inside WEB-INF because I don't want that page to be public to the browser.

The thing is that configuration needs to have a menu with links to other pages inside WEB-INF.

Basically because all of those pages should only be accessed if the user logged in. So basically, I want the user to be able to enter the configuration page if the user existed and then make him able to navigate to the other pages that only logged users can enter.

The problem is how can I redirect a link to a page inside WEB-INF? I know this might not be the best approach but I'm trying to figure it out with the knowledge I have right now if someone can point me in the right direction or answer my question it would be great.

Hope you understood me hehe

Thanks in advance.

Just put the page back to the "right" place and change this "servlet" to a filter and apply the filter to the url for that page.

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