I have had a business/website idea for the past few months now and know nothing about creating one from scratch. It is a very detailed idea and the site would be very large.

I was just looking for suggestions on where to start with my idea, and what would be the best way to execute it without getting my business idea stolen?


Since you have limited experience, you might want to find someone who does have business and website experience who can review your idea and provide you with some feedback. If it is going to be a large project, then you will want to create a realistic plan with respect to the time and cost required (with help from someone with relevant experience). You'll also want to do some research to determine if your idea is really unique or if someone is already doing t.

In terms of protecting your idea, you can use a non-disclosure and "non-compete" agreement with anyone that you bring in to help you. You will still want to be careful who you share the info with since agreements are only as strong as the legal action that you are prepared to initiate to enforce them.