I'm developing one site that should use maps for showing locations.
Here should be addresses in Bosnia & Hercegovina, that aren't shown on
google maps. So, what's the best choice:

1. to make my own google map (can you please give me instructions how to do it),
2. to use openstreetmap (how can I use it with php),
3. some other option.

Thanks in advance,


If OpenStreetMap has the level of info that you need, then that is probably your best solution. There is info here on how to deploy it.

Thanks for answer.

I learn how to use OSM using OpenLayers.

But where I can find coordinates of places I want to mark on map and places
I want to show on map (scope of map)?

I have database of faculties, so when one detail page of every faculty is opened,
it shows that faculty on map (all faculties are in the same country).

I think that you are best to go to the OpenStreetMap community to ask this kind of question. The page that I provided the link to has a number of help options.

Thanks you. I almost forgot on this thread. I already use openstreetmap on my site.
Thanks to you all