Hi, I'm using Netbeans 6.9, Glassfish v2, and Hibernate 3.2.5 (I think).

I Basically have a very simple web-app that reads from a database.
I can run the web-app in Netbeans locally under glassfish v2 without any problems.

Now I'm trying to get the web-app to work on actual web-server that uses tomcat.

So what I do is copy all the jar files(17 in total) in the WEB-INF/lib folder into WEB-INF folder.
The I export into a war file, and get deployed on webserver..

But I get the error shown here when it is run... http://www.colin-java.co.uk/BA

Also, the tutorial that my program follows (but mine is much simpler) http://netbeans.org/kb/67/web/hibernate-webapp.html

Please can anyone help, I need to get this to work, thanks a lot.

I suspect this is a classpath error, but servlet errors are difficult to track down without a hands-on-approach. I suggest using a debugger (such as the Eclipse built-in) to trace exactly where in your application you are receiving this error.

Looking at the error, could also be a schema error, but again -- hard to tell from just the stack trace.

yup, it's a classpath error. It's missing Hibernate-utils I think. Eclipse probably preloads that automagically.

yup, it's a classpath error. It's missing Hibernate-utils I think. Eclipse probably preloads that automagically.

Thanks, I'm actually trying to get eclipse up and running now (endless problems with netbeans and hql in hibernate).

I'm having problem with JRE/JDK... I basically created a dynamic web-app and made a servlet. But none of the classes like HttpServlet can be imported, I don't seem to have Java EE configured right.

Does anyone know how to do this (I'm using Linux Mint 10, 32bit), and Eclipse Helios.


the eclipse documentation knows :)
Add the required jars to your project as external libraries and you're set.

Thanks, I got both eclipse running and hibernate in netbeans running, and I'm sticking with netbeans for web apps.

I have a general question about hibernate.

Suppose I want to add an instance of the Car class:

class Car
    String colour;
    Engine engine;

    constructors and getters/setters here

class Engine
    String engineName;

    constructors and getters/setters here

From the tutorial I've looked at, I have a database and tables already in existence then I add "Hibernate -> Hibernate Mapping Files and POJOS from Database"

Which creates the classes representing the tables in the database with their mapping xml files.

So for the scenario with the Car object, must I also have tables already set up? I'm not sure, cause the Car class depends on Engine class.

Please help if you understand my problem.