I got a crystal report with:-

main report

There is a limit for the subreport to show only 5 record, if there is more then 5 records it should go to a new page. I have been trying to do this for 1 week, i tried so many codes and tried changing the new page but the the records dont seem to go to the new page. I got 10 records, when i print it's only printing the first 5 records, the balance 5 it doesnt show... and it doesnt show any new page. The SQL is locked to TOP 5 records? Any idea?

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Hi anyone? i still couldnt solve this.. please help... i need it today..

in your sub reports did you put the field in other than details section.....
i feel it should have in Details section..

sorry i dont get u?

in your crystal report (ie .rpt file) you have multiple sections like header, details, footer section.. if you put your field value in other than details section it doesn't expand according to increment of data. when you have multi row data you must put it in details section.

there are no limitation in crystal report, you may check number of your records in database

The subreport are placed in the details section...

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