hello all

i am using a link on clicking which a new pop up window should open like

<a href="#" onclick="Popup(f_date,f_date1)">&nbsp;Add more</a>

function Popup(date,date1)
var f_date=document.getElementById("f_date").value;
var f_date1=document.getElementById("f_date1").value;
window.open("multipleSchedule.jsp?date="+f_date+"&date1="+f_date1, "window", "toolbar=no,scrollbars=no,height=220,width=510");

it is workin fine in ie6 and ie8 but in firefox on clicking it nothing is happening.

please help me out

Your code seem to be working fine. Are you getting Javascript any errors? If any please check your error console. Also is there any use of passing the two parameters to the function.