I was just wondering if it can or not.

Otherwise wouldn't this code work great for stopping SQL injection?

$some_post = addslashes($_POST['some_post']);

if (!ctype_alnum($some_post)) {
} else {
	//all good

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So you would prevent your customers from using punctuation of any kind Wouldnt that be a little hard for them I think it would make me crazy

It's for a username check on a registration form. Sorry I forgot to mention that.

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striptags or htmlentities. mysql_real_escape_string as standard cleaning.

Is there a way of protecting from all types of SQL injection?

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IMO, you can use just mysql_real_escape_string(), but when passing the var on as an integer, there is no "" or '' around the value placeholder inside the query. This could pose a problem, therefore, you should validate (server-side) the variables for type (eg integer, float etc).

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