hi, im looking for a simple script that will let users draw basic images online.

i just need something with a pencil/paintbrush and colours, does anyone know of anything in php or javascript that is available? or could anyone point me in the right direction so i could learn how to code it.


Why not use something that already exists like Pixlr.

i dont just need a drawing package, i need to modify it and use it in a form and other things...so i need a script i can edit.

unfortunately these are not what im looking for...all i need is a canvass and a pencil tool

thats pretty much perfect!
where can i get the souce for that?

excellent..thank you very much :)

it seems that script wont work in ie :(

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IE is rubbish :(. Must be a workaround somewhere. Maybe not though. I think Opera developed it originally.

Shame, as it worked beautifully in Chrome.