Hi there,

I am thinking about the best way, how to update my records in database (MySQL) from XML feed. I have database and this database contains the daily offers from several sales portals.
So now - about midnight I am deleting all records from my table and with using script I am downloading new offers from portal (by their XML feeds). This way have one disadvantage -- the time interval among deleting old and inserting new records is ca 5 minutes -- and through this 5 minutes is table empty.

And I would like to ask you, if you could help me with some better way, how updating records in my table using better way...

Thanks a lot for your time!


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If you add a datetime and status field to your table, you could modify your script to only display offers with a status of active.

At midnight, retrieve all the new offers as you are now, but instead of deleting the existing offers, insert these new offers alongside them, but with a status of inactive.

When the script has finished importing all of the new offers, run a query to update all new offers that were created today to active, and all the old offers created before today to inactive. Thus, the site isn't without offers being displayed.

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