Hi everyone.

I'm planning on making a video chat page in which people would have to buy something like credits or pay per chat/call and it would be great if you could tell me more about PHP based video chat scripts or other kind of solutions (no need for group chat, only person-to-person), also about payment system (some kind of pay per view i think) integration and maybe you could give me some tips about choosing the right server power for this kind of system (Maximum 10 video chats at the same time).

Waiting for your suggestions, thanks in advance! :)

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From the gist of your post, it doesn't sound as though you know how to accomplish any part of your project whatsoever. Be that the case, are you not perhaps being overly ambitious?

If I am wrong in my initial thoughts, perhaps you would care to outline what you have already come up with through your own research, as there's no point in the members here telling you something you already know.

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