I want to create a banner that contains a live updating rss/xml feed.
Output should result in a single image that updates.
Ill be using this to draw customers to my site since the image will be hosted on other sponsor sites. Image format must be either jpg gif or png.
similar to feedburner headliner (see image below), excepting I want it to show small images and title and items should be direct links. This should scroll upwards.


I have no idea at all where to start. please assist.

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A jpg or png are static images. No way to scroll using them. Building a gif file that scrolls is theoretically possible, since it consists of a list of images. There is however no way for you to include direct links into an image.

It is a GIF, as I pointed out. Still no way to use clickable links with those.

The headline animator is an iframe containing HTML.

Ok no clickable links, we can use an iframe with html, but how to build the feed into.
This image I showed you, functions on its on (hosted) and updates.
How do I code that so others can use my image on their site and it still works?
must be all html.
Is it possible to create a scrolling feed like this that includes more items and maybe thumbnsails too?

here is the html for the banner I showed you, the image is posted all over and still works.
Despite the href you see, this image links to the classifieds page, not feedburner.

<a target="_blank"
src="http://feeds.feedburner.com/CamosClassifieds.1.gif" alt="Camo&#039;s
Classifieds Recent Ad&#039;s" style="border:0"></a>

yeah but how to 'acssociate' the rss feed with it? si it stays a gif but displays my feed, like the headline animater. any idea how thats done?

You have to rebuild the gif everytime you have a new item. Let's say your rss feed displays 5 items. You build a gif made up of several images showing that info. After that, if one item changes, you need to rebuild that gif.

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