Hi. I have a page with 3 frames. One on the left, one up as a title and the main one which takes most of the page. On the left frame i have some radio buttons. What I want to do is to open / load a page in the main frame each time i click on a radio button from the left frame. How can i accomplish this? Thank you!

instructions for the lazy

instructions of the obscenley lazy <A href='filename' target='framename'>OPEN THIS LINK IN A FRAME</a>

Hi. Thank you. This i have done. I have some problems when clicking a radio button.

for a radio button you may need to use the onclick attribute inside the <button > definition onclick="framename.location='pagename';" onclick="parent.framename.location='pagename';" onclick="document.framename.location='pagename';" something jumps out at me about needing to include the parent or document in the name, one of these should work

Thank you. I have also found a very good explanation here.