Would you help me about
"How to Increase file upload size from default 1mb on host server using php."


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There i found the method which need some changes inside the php.ini which is out of my access (host server not local server). Alternatively you could set them dynamically from inside your script using ini_set().

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If you don't have permission, then ask your host. Hosts prevent access for good reason. As their servers get bogged down with ridiculously long processes like shifting GB sized files!

ini_set( ) is using for dynamically changes inside php.ini file
can you write code to demostrate it/

for example,
my website is uploaded to webhost which in UK, so how i can access that host php.ini file. its not possible for client. im the ower of my domain name+hosting and i have full access to my pleskcontrol pannel. Could you help now how i increase the upload file size from 1 MB to atlest 2MB progammatically.

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speak to your host.

@ardav is right. You need to ask your hosting provider to increase the upload size. You may need to recharge for that.

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