i need one of 2 things. either to make a table which changes its background color to black when the mouse enters the table and when the mouse is out, the background color should be transparent again


i want a table with permanent transparent color like this site


i need this because i have a table with a lot of text which is displayed over a background image and i want both the text and the background image to be visible in the same time. i modified the code behind the site above and it works but only if i use the images provided by the site. if i come with images of my own, it doesn't work anymore.. so i downloaded GIMP, i tried to add an alpha channel and save my image as PNG but no effect. i also tried to make a PNG image with only one selected color as transparent and yes the selected image color becomes transparent BUT it doesn't create the effect i need - when the table is over the image, the table is drawn as opaque instead of transparent.. i googled everywhere and i can't find a fix to this problem. can anybody help me please? also i'm quite noob so if you can give detailed explanations i'd appreciate

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do you want something like this ?

<table border="1" onMouseover="this.bgColor='#FFF000'"onMouseout="this.bgColor='#FFFFFF'">

try this code.may be it will help you. :)

I would try to use css. To create an hover effect, do something like this:

table:hover {

Furthermore, if you search for "gimp make png transparent" you'll get a lot of tuts/ explanations.

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