In my project I have 2 pages room.aspx and student.aspx.

room.aspx contains grid of students.
As soon as user double click on grid I popup window, and I show student.aspx page containing grid for students.
Now I want to select few students from student grid and submit to room.aspx page and it will append selected students in student grid also window will be closed.

How to do it?

I believe passing reference of room.aspx object to student.aspx but how to pass it?


If anybody having any other smart idea please suggest.

Hey thanks, that gives me idea to access parent controls.

Now actually am thinking that, in child .aspx page I should access parent's gridview and insert a row in it. And when I press submit button parent gridview should refresh.

I tried upon that but couldn't succeeded to insert a single row in grid. Please can you send me a specific javascript code? so that at least I can move further.