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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for viewing this thread.
I have called a 1 of the HTM page when the user click on 1 of the button

This is the code that i have did in the asp

if request.Form("btnPrint") <> "" then
               For counter = 0 to CInt(request.Form.Item("txtREG"))
                labeltype = request.Form("btnPrint")
                view = "print"
                response.write ReadFile("_____.htm")
           end if

I am not quite sure whether is the way i did is it correct or not. I want to call this html so that it can display the printout. But at the same time i hope to display the number of htm based on the txtREG entered value, so i have used the forLoop to do it. I am not quite sure whether did this work, because at the htm, seem like the DIV tag set the fix position.

Here is the code in the HTML

<div id="label" style="width:3.00in;height:1.18in;left:0.00in;top:0.00in;margin-left:0.00in;margin-right:0.00in;margin-top:0.00in;; text-align: center; background:white; position:absolute; ">

My question is how to do a loop so that it can be display according to the txtREG input value. How do i actually do a loop to display multiple HTML at 1 view and with different position in the HTM?

I am aware that my explaination might not be sufficient to you. Please ask me any question regarding my question. I really need your help as i am new in asp. Please help me.
Once again, Thanks.

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