I have a response.redirect in an asp page that works fine in chrome, opera, firefox etc but doesnt work in IE8. The code is simple enough, as below:

dim news_item
news_item = Request.QueryString()
Response.Redirect "newsitem.asp?id=" & news_item

The page is news.asp, that was writen by previous developer that has one parameter for the news item id (e.g. news?3456, and wont work if you add another parameter and use request.querystring()which now needs another parameter to allow for extra code, so I could then use request.querystring("id")). This is why the new page has an id= instead of just ?.
In IE8 I get the error message: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" I can't see where the problem is and can't find any similar forum with this problem, can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks

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dim news_item
news_item = Request.QueryString("id")
Response.Redirect "newsitem.asp?id=" & news_item
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