I know that php is same like HTML. I have the codings. But wondering how to execute it...? I use Dreamweaver but in vain.. i get no result.. some body pls help me.. It asks me to set a server for it. Though i set, no result obtained...!

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Is the PHP Forum broken?

install wamp, xampp or any other web server in your machiene
put your site folder in /www (if wamp) or /htdocs(if xampp)
start the server
type url in your browser i.e.

As Baig says, to run PHP on your local machine you need to be running a server. This can also be done locally, for example by installing XAMPP (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html). Once installed, you should move your project to the /htdocs folder, which is located in your XAMPP folder. Then start up XAMPP and start up Apache from the control panel that appears. Go to http://localhost/yourprojectname and it should run.

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