I'm working on ubuntu 10.10, have apache2 and php5 installed.But just to check that they are working fine, when I try to access my IP server address page, it asks for a username and password.The log-in username and password do not work.Please help

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This is server issue. Ask hosting guy.

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This is your machine, nothing to do with host, right (localhost) or are you talking about a remote server?

OK, seems like localhost, as you've just opened another thread on the same theme. :(


well it got solved, instead of the numerical address I just tried localhost and it worked.But now the thing is while I have installed apache n php5 when opening the php file in browser it pops up the window( see picture).What to do with this?

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Is apache running? Seems the browser doesn't know that it's supposed to open this as output.

So how does one check if apache is running or not??

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What package are you using? xampp? or is it a custom installation?

I'm no expert on linux, but if you open a terminal and do one of:

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 stop
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 start

?? perhaps somebody with more linux experience could help you here. I use xampp on win so I have a control panel that tells me if apache, mysql, filezilla and mercury are running.

Well i did that then it says : apache already running ??

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OK, tick it off the list.
So, you still haven't mentioned whether you're using xampp or similar of a custom setup.

well no custom installation as such, in ubuntu we use LAMP but my system has no such thing.

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OK, in that case, I've come to the end of anything useful I can suggest as I don't have a linux system any more. Sorry. Anybody else?

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