Hi guys/gals,

I have a menu with a div displaying onmouseover, and hiding onmouseout, it works great except in IE if I click on the <select> tag, it triggers the mouseout event, interestingly enough the same does not happen when I click on a text field..

Code Example:

  <li onmouseover="show()" onmouseout="hide()">
    <div id="divToShow">
      <input type="text" /><br />

This is obviously not the real code, it's just to give you an idea, I don't think I can post the real code, cuz it's really long and complicated...

P.S. I'm using the prototype framework, and I'd like to keep it that way if possible...

Thanx in advance

Perhaps you can set a select onclick handler that returns false?

The thing is, that it doesn't happen when I click on the <select> , it happens when I hover over the <option>