Hello every body i have searched a lot to get the script that convert .swf files into .flv mp4 but i always found software's that do this not a script. Actually m making a web based application that do this but don't find anything good...
Some Suggestions, help, links please... i shall be very thankful to all of you ....

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Difference between SWF and FLV

SWF is a vector animation file format. Vector means you can scale it to any size while keeping its clarity. The details of the image such as edges, corners are still clear and crisp. The shapes and curves of the image are drawn by human artists, instead of being shot by cameras. Those images or photos shot by camera are called raster image. They consist of a rectangle of pixels. If you scale up the image, the details will become blur or blocky.

However, SWF can also contain images of video clips shot by camera as elements of the animation. If a SWF file contains only video clip and doesn't contain any vector image, it becomes a pure video file.

FLV is a pure video format optimized for network playing. It usually uses VP6 or H.264 as video codec. This format is widely accepted by most video sharing website.

SWF files are usually very small and easy to transfer over internet, but playing SWF vector animation consumes much CPU power and battery energy, so it is rejected by Apple on its mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad. On the contrary, many devices have specific chip to decode H.264 video, which will heavily relieve the stress of CPU and battery.

If the scalability is not so important and you want your animation to be accepted by more mobile device, you should convert your vector SWF into video file such as FLV.

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