This is actually not related to jsp....
Its related to the Apache tomcat server..... :icon_rolleyes:

I run the startup.bat file where is located in bin folder..
than tomcat was use 8080 port

after that
I created the jsp page using netbeans & rut it.tomcat was started & run.....
it use port 8084 (http://localhost:8084):?:

If i want to go to tomcat manager I had to use


If I run jsp/servlet page using netbeans it use



Is it can happen....:icon_question:
What is happen in there :icon_question:
what is the mechanism in there :icon_question:
how many ports it can used ? (unlimited ? ) (Where is defined ? )


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inside the conf folder there is one file called server.xml ... I think you can find it there.......

<Connector port="8084" protocol="HTTP/1.1" 
               redirectPort="8443" />

Here you can fix the port number .... anyway plz try it and sorry if im wrong


ya...I know it...
Its use 8080 port... But problem is run jsp servlet using netbeans....
than it use port 8084 ....

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