how to set avatar to my profile page .anyone help me for set my avatar image path in my profile page.

		require 'connect.php';
		$userg = mysql_query("SELECT avatar FROM members") or die("Failed to fetch your details.");
		if (isset($_SESSION['MM_Username']))
			echo "Welcome ".$_SESSION['MM_Username'];
			echo "<img src=".mysql_result($userg,0,"avatar" )." width=200 height=200>";

Cant you just echo out the path, where your image is kept? Instead of taking it from the DB?

What is the problem with the above code?

i want to set avatar to my profile page i don't no how to set path.

Put this code in line no 5 and check the path is correct.

echo mysql_result($userg,0,"avatar");

Where your images are storing ? Are they same root of that PHP file ? If not, put the absolute path or relative path like below:

echo "<img src=\"".mysql_result($userg,0,"avatar" )." width=\"200\" height=\"200\">";

By the way, don't post many thread with the same case.