I work on ubuntu 10.10.Please suggest me a php editor or IDE that I can use so that it highlights my syntactical and other errors.I currently use gedit which does not helps much with detecting typing errors.

Well I have used it in the past, I want to know what IDE/editor the use in industry.Precisely, do they use dreamweaver( but thats not for *nix systems)? And what do they use in linux?

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Eclipse, Netbeans, Aptana

For free any of the the Eclipse variations will work really well. PDT being my personal favorite http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/

However for the money I really prefer to work within Zend Studio.

I am using Eclipse in ubuntu for last 3 years. The Eclipse supports for PHP syntax highlighting, code completion, PHP documentation, phpDoc support, SVN support and more. Local and server debugging, however, require the installation of XDebug or Zend Debugger extension.

I hope, the Eclipse is the best IDE for linux. And also you can use Netbeans and Zend Studio.