juz,i got a project online shopping, i have to use JSP/Servlet.I am familiar with jsp/servlet and database connectivity.It is my life's first project so i am very confuse.what should i do?

Project minimum Requirement:
Normal User can login,Sign up,add to cart, add to wishlist,no two purchase should add two time.
and next is Admin:can login as admin,can add products to the list..

Please help me and juz guide me how should i think and start...i realy looking for the help

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lol. Build your database tables, then code your pages?

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lol. Build your database tables, then code your pages?

hi abhi dnt panic>> first design your project model and molude>>
keep all dyanamic and static file in saparate folder like dirjsp for jsp file .....
for user>>create table with user and its role>>
use session to validate shoping and account.......
and please use stander structure and coing style since the starting of project

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