Good Day All

i have a IIS server. This IIS Server is publicly available , so i have hosted some WCF services in that server , i can access the URL from outside my network, but i can use it. the url that i access it with is


but now looking at the link to generate the metadata is different, it does not use an IP

svcutil.exe http://Mywebserver.mynetwoorkdomain.local:8095/DataLayer/eCashDatalayer.svc?wsdl

so this makes it not accessible via the wcftestclient or even if i try to make add a reference in my applications in VS

What settings in the IIS do i need to change ?


Hi first at all, you should try to do a ping to the DNS you are using, to corroborate if the DNS and the ip adress are the same, if not you should correct that on your DNS server, if they are the same. looks like something is blocking you, theey are in the same network?

This problem have been resolved , the answer you just provided is correct. The Problem was fixed in the DNS server.