Hello all, I'm trying to build a forum site. The code below works fine but I dont know how to catch it from the address bar. I'm having trouble finding tutorials to help me with this.


echo "<tr bgcolor='#6698FF' ><td><a href='viewcomments.php?id=".$rows['topic']."'>

Address Bar


I'm trying to use this in code below in viewcomments.php to retrieve the address info

$id = $HTTP_GET_VARS['topic'];

I'm getting this error
"Notice: Undefined variable: HTTP_GET_VARS in C:\wamp\www\testsite\viewcomments.php"

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EEK! Which version of PHP are you using? I thought HTTP_GET_VARS was T_REX's extinct cousin.

lol.... perhaps thats why it's not working. What alternative coding should I replace it with?

if you wnat to get the id value from the address bar, try this


Thank you!! Solved!

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