I have a forum based on VBULLETIN, now i know this is not a vBulletin forum, but what i need is a php solution.
i have to change postbit's rateposts( thumbs up/thumbs down) mechanism from a GET to a POST because users were just copying the urland illegally raising their rating. changing it to a post would ensure that you would have to actually view the post to rate it.
The problem i am having is that right now, the links are just images wrapped around <a> tags with href set to the file that processes it
here is the code in the VB template:

<if condition="empty($post[user_rated]) && $show['member']">
<a href="ratepost.php" rel="nofollow" class="vote_down_button"><img src="http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/forum/ui/thumbs_down.png" alt="" /></a>
<a href="ratepost.php" rel="nofollow" class="vote_up_button"><img src="http://riot-web-static.s3.amazonaws.com/forum/ui/thumbs_up.png" alt="" /></a>

the images are just thumbs up and thumbs down images.

how can i change this to a post?

thought of using a form, but i dont think that would work out fine.

Instead try encypting the value so that if someone tempers with it it becomes useless...