I've tried a number of the HTML/CSS techniques to get my table to scroll horizontally but none of them work. The table has been wrapped with a DIV and the CSS has included the OVERFLOW code but all to no avail. The code is basically like this:

<div class="Divscroll">
      <td><input type="text".../>
          <input type="text".../>

The CSS looks like this:

div.Divscroll {
 width: 100%;
 overflow: auto;
 overflow-x: auto;

I've tried using SCROLL instead of AUTO to no avail. When I change the browser to ZOOM to ~150%, which some users will do, the table just wraps, no horizontal scroll bar. Interestingly, the scroll bars appear (grayed out and unselectable) but the <TD><INPUT... elements just continue to wrap.