Please suggest me for live video streaming as i am trying create a website in which I can update the video live for religious perpose

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i think you better try for jQuery/javascript for video (youtube)..

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What you mean you have a live link to the Big Guy in the Sky?? He will provide my son, 3 Hail Marys and 4 How's yer Fathers should do it. ;)

More info please. You want a live videocast? If so, try Ustream. You want to include embedded videos, embed using an iframe (eg. Youtube). If you have a channel, you can embed the playlist - so when you update the playlist, the embedded playlist in your site is also updated.

If you want to host the videos yourself, you can use a 3rd party player like FlowPlayer. However, you won't need many visitors before your site slows right down. If you need to host many videos, expect many visitors, then you'll need a media server - can be expensive.

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