Can somebody give me the sample coding to develop "online request form" using php.

What kind of request form do you wanna create?? What is the request about?

I wants the student to submit their problem and their en queries using online request form. Please help me out

so what all fields would like to have??
how far have you reached? where are you stuck at?

can you give me some sample coding....by seeing that i can get some idea. Plus i can't send mail using php from localhost on windows xp.

hi thank you very much for providing me a link. why i can't able to send mail using php mail function.

you can send mail only if its online... i don't know how to make it from local server. if you desperately want to send it from local, you will have to ask some else.

it his hard to send via mail() function, unless you have paid domain.
hey, why dont you just save the problem in database, just use INSERT command

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You don't need a domain. Just a mail server set up on localhost - you can use something like Mercury Mail (installs automatically with XAMPP).

Another bunch of students trying to get someone to do their homework for them

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Gosh AB! The temerity of it! Rotten, filthy scoundrels... in my day... work for a living ... grumble ... grumble...

hardwork and BS, both get them through school
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