Hi guys.,

I have a textbox for entering URL. I validate that URL using regular expression. Now the problem is, How do i know whether the entered URL is exist or not.?

For example, if user enter "http://www.daniweb.cam" rather entering "http://www.daniweb.com", how do i intimate them that the entered url is not valid.?

Is it possible..?

Please kindly advise me....



I've not needed to do this but here are my thoughts .....

The most efficient way would be to make what's called a "HEAD request" and the easiest way I can find to do this is a jQuery plugin:

As written, I'm pretty certain this plugin won't handle cross-domain requests, which may be an issue for you.

For cross-domain, you have a couple of basic options:

  • Flash-proxy: I like FlXHR. With a little thought, this should be usable with a modified jqHead plugin, because core jquery allows you to specify your own xmlhttp object in a $.ajax request (see this and jquery API).
  • PHP Proxy: Build you own or find a script on the web. With this approach, javascript will make its request to a same-domain php script (ie on same server as the current web page); the script will use php's capability to make a request to another domain (I'm no expert here - see PHP manual).