Hello every single one :)
I want to introduce you how to enable Javascript in web browsers where it's disabled..
This is only a try I'm going to make... And I want someone to kindly correct me if I'm wrong, or to say I'm right if I'm so.
To enable a JS code we write it between the following tags:


Thank you.

Nope, you can't force browsers' javascript to ON. <!-- code --> is used to hide javascript from very old browsers which didn't support javascript at all.

Otherwise they would render the script as text.

Today, we really don't need to use <!-- code --> . I never use it.


So how do some websites execute Javascript on my web browser while I have already disabled the use of it?

I don't know, but it's nothing to do with <!-- --> .

You can view the script being used by simply right-clicking in any space on the web-page. Then choose "View source" or "View page source"..
Then see the code being executed.