Hi All, does anyone know of a PHP FORM GENERATOR, that either exists as a downloadable app or an online generator I use a Mac. I don't want to sign up and pay per form generated, i don't mind paying for the app as long as it works. i just want to be able to create as many form as a need without limit. There used to be one at http://phpformgen.sourceforge.net/ that i'veused in the past but it has a few bugs and the link to the new version does not work. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


I have yet to find one that suits my needs. so unfortunately no, no good references at this time. I would also be interested if anyone has made one or found a good one out there for free.

Just do it yourself, They aren't hard to make and there are plenty of tutorials online.

I have made them myself in the past but they have not been very secure and i think they have been used to send emails out.

PPTREE ..... I will have a look at your ajaxform... thanks for getting back.

Well let me know how your eval goes and if you find any bugs. I get about 50 downloads a month but zero feedback.

Bubba, what are the forms for?

If they are for secure information, you need to be looking for high security grade forms which will cost you a lot more than a normal form gen

If they are form regular things like just sending an email, I can make them for you in a matter of minutes.