Hello everyone, i am new comer to web development & netbeans, i m a student.
I have been given a task to create registration page with username & password,
& after submitting this form it automatically stores data into databse,
which can later be seen by admin only...or can be used for retrievel of data for login purpose.
I have created 1 form in JSP netbeans with both username,password text field inputs .
& also installed Mysql into Netbeans & connected it & created 1 database with table columns username,password
(in which i want to store data of entered by user while registrating)

I know its simple task for u guys, but i'm nascent in programming,coding,developing..
.so guys please help me out..give code for this & also tell where to write this code.
& how to connect tht form to my databse , so it can store data?

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thank you very much peter budo..yeah i'm new to java ..i will refer the books link u provided..


ok.. Peter..is that book u mentioned gives practical idea of working with JSP ? cause i dont have too much time to go for deep theory lessons..which book u reccommend best for getting quick practical knowledge?


They both fast track, first is for new comers to Java development, the second is targeting sort of experienced developers

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