Hello everyone, i am new comer to web development & netbeans, i m a student.
I have been given a task to create registration page with username & password,
& after submitting this form it automatically stores data into databse,
which can later be seen by admin only...or can be used for retrievel of data for login purpose.
I have created 1 form in JSP netbeans with both username,password text field inputs .
& also installed Mysql into Netbeans & connected it & created 1 database with table columns username,password
(in which i want to store data of entered by user while registrating)

I know its simple task for u guys, but i'm nascent in programming,coding,developing..
.so guys please help me out..give code for this & also tell where to write this code.
& how to connect tht form to my databse , so it can store data?

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1. You do want to submit form data from JSP page to servlet for processing and let servlet do what is supposed to do
2. Tool used for the task doesn't matter (posting that I want to do in NetBeans, Eclipse etc is just immature)
3. You may want to look at simple sample from top of this forum section JSP database connectivity according to Model View Controller (MVC) Model 2
4. To learn more get your hands on some good book like one of these mentioned in this post

thank you very much peter budo..yeah i'm new to java ..i will refer the books link u provided..

Very easy and fast start is Head First Servlet & JSP, then you may consider Pro JSP 2

ok.. Peter..is that book u mentioned gives practical idea of working with JSP ? cause i dont have too much time to go for deep theory lessons..which book u reccommend best for getting quick practical knowledge?

They both fast track, first is for new comers to Java development, the second is targeting sort of experienced developers

Thank you Very much.

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