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Please can somebody help me. I am trying to output more than 1 row of data querying a table called tblbanners. The normal while loop isnt outputting more than 1 row. it seems to be just printing only 1 row. not too sure why? would be greatfull if somebody could help me please. each row outputted from the table should be outputted to a html table for each tr tag within the html table tag will be dynamic.


		// identify the page name
		$page_class = split ("/", $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]); 
		$page =  $page_class[2];
		//echo $page;

		// check page name against either lnk column in tblmenu and tblsubmenu
		// 1st check the tblmenu lnk column
		$q = "SELECT Id,lnk FROM tblmenu WHERE lnk LIKE '$page'"; // query column original is $page
		$r = mysql_query($q,$con);
		$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($r);
				if ($num_rows = 0) // if there are no rows shown from the tblmenu then execute this script and change the $q variable to search the tblsubmenu
						$q = "SELECT Id,lnk FROM tblsubmenu WHERE lnk LIKE '$page'";
						//echo "no value";
				//$num_rows = myssql_num_rows($r);		There will only be 1 row hence no while loop				
				$row = mysql_fetch_array($r);
				$menuid = $row['Id']; // convert array into variables
				//echo $menuid.' ROWS';
			 // now we have the id value and file name we need to get the data from the tblbanners table and extract info into html table below
		   $q2 = "SELECT txt,pic,alnk,lnkfile,height from tblbanner WHERE lnk_tblmenuid = $menuid AND banner_position = 'left' ORDER BY ord ASC";
		   $r2 = mysql_query($q2,$con);
		   $num_row2 = mysql_num_rows($r2);
		   //echo $num_row2;
					   while($row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($r2))
											$r2 = $row2['txt'];
											$r3 = $row2['pic'];
											$r4 = $row2['alnk'];
											$r5 = $row2['lnkfile'];
											$r6 = $row2['height'];				
											echo 'DESCRIPTION: '.$r2.'PICTURE: '.$r3.'ALINK: '.$r4.'LINK FILE: '.$r5.'HEIGHT: '.$r6."<br>";
            <div id="leftbanner"> <!--  ---------------------------- DIV for the left banner ------>
						<td height="200"> left Banner </td>
						<td height="300"> left Banner 2</td>
						<td height="200"> left Banner 3</td>
            </div> <!--  ---------------------------- CLOSE DIV for the left banner ---------------->
			<div id="rightbanner">  <!--  ---------------------------- DIV for the right banner ------>
						<td height="200"> Right Banner </td>
						<td height="300"> Right Banner 2</td>
						<td height="200"> Right Banner 3</td>
            </div> <!--  ---------------------------- END DIV for the right banner ------>

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Just windering if you got this problem fixed... If not. I'll check it. Although at first glance, I do see a problem with the code at the statement if ($num_rows = 0) This should be if ($num_rows == 0) You will have to use a double == to compare rather than a single = to assign.

If you are still facing a problem, I'll go into it deeper.

hi, im having probems with searching more than 1 table for the same thing. the script at the top, searches the page name on table tblmenu, how can i get it to search tblsubmenu if nothing is found searching tblmenu?

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