Hello Everyone ,
I`m using an Jquery accordion effect that you can download from here


The Author of this script does not respond to my complains , and I hope u can help me here
the problem happens only in webkit based browsers (Chrome,Safari)
where when trying to re-play the accordion from the end to the begging it collapse to small width

you can try urself to see what I`m facing exactly
any help will be much more appreciated =)

I thought I could find easy solutions for this problem because I have already adopted this accordion with my project and I thought it could be a waste of time to look for another accordion rather than trying to fix the problem , anyways thanks jamthwee =)

okay guys I found the solutions it was just about replacing a line with another to set css property
thanks for your interest

Hey Can you please tell me exactly what you changed in that CSS part?? I am really facing this problem. If you can just send me link to website where you have implemented this slider that wud be really appreciable.