The iPage ISP places limits on sending emails (200 in 1 hour 2000 in 1 day). I've built a PHPMailer application for a small retirement club that needs only to send out about 250 emails twice per month. iPage will not budge on allowing this to occur. They purport it's their only viable anti-SPAM control. They also will not support CRON for batch processing. While I believe this is very, very short-minded, I'm looking for a way to overcome this crazy limitation. Perhaps, interject pauses in the PHP script, etc. All I need to do is get about 50 more emails out. It's unreasonable to have people stay logged on for this so, some method of pausing, staying logged on and automatically logging off after pausing and sending out the remainder of emails... Just looking for a solution. Oh, I'd switch ISPs but I've already prepaid a 3-year contract.

If you have access to shell and Python, functionality of CRON is of course simple to do in Python, as also sending the emails from your home computer in patches (say sending loop with 3600 s time.sleep() every hundredth mails). Are those letters exactly same, or they have differing contents. May I ask why you posted to Python forum as you have no mention of the language in your post, but talk about PHPMailer.
Sleeping in the PHP app seems to be described in here:

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