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Hi All

Anyone knows how do i store the selected value into a hidden field or variable so that i can use it for database insert ? Btw this is in ASP.

I took the jquery sample code from:

Here is my code:

<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {			
		addItemTarget: 'bottom',
		animate: true,
		highlight: true,
		sortable: true

       .after($("<a href='#Part_ID'>Select All</a>").click(function() {
	 $("#Part_ID").children().attr("selected", "selected").end().change();
			return false;			
				 $('#other').click(function () {
<tr class="cellcolor">
         <td align="right" class="style4">
      <font color="#FF0000"><b>*</b>&nbsp;</font><b>Part Name:</b>
          <label for="Part_ID">Parts for this Product:</label>
            <select id="Part_ID" multiple="multiple" class="target" title="Click to Select the Part Name">

                     If not isnull(Part_ID) then
		  	 arrtemp = split(Part_ID,",")
		  	   End If 
				While (not RS.eof)
			response.write "<option value=""" & RS("Part_ID") & """ "
				if ubound(Filter(arrtemp, "Part_ID"))>0 then
					if (cstr(Part_ID)=cstr(RS("Part_ID"))) then
							response.write "selected"
					end if
				end if
				dim ptName
				response.write " >" & ptName & "</option>"	
		<input id="text1" type="text"/>
			<div id="other">
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