Ok, I'm not really a moron. I can figure out most web scripts like Java but PHP and servers I can't figure out.

I plan on using phpNuke and phpBB. I installed phpBB without a problem. I can NOT figure out phpNuke.

The documentation leaves much to be desired.

Are there easier instructions out there or an easier version?

dont use phpnuke, even if they pay you, there are tons of other open source cms products that are a million times better.

Try out XOOPS, or Mambo or Geeklog. There are several alternatives out there.. I haven't used PHP-Nuke in a long time.. anyway the config.php file isn't too hard to decipher.

You just need to edit these lines:

$dbhost = "localhost"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/1.png[/img]
$dbuname = "your db username"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/2.png[/img]
$dbpass = "your db password"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/3.png[/img]
$dbname = "your db name"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/4.png[/img]
$prefix = "nuke"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/5.png[/img]$user_prefix = "nuke"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/6.png[/img]
$dbtype = "MySQL"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/7.png[/img]
$sitekey = "SdFk*fa28367-dm56w69.3a2fDS+e9"; [img]http://phpnuke.org/modules/PHP-Nuke_HOWTO/images/callouts/8.png[/img]

See this page for more info. Hope that helps!

Thanks guys! :D

I have come to the conclusion that phpNuke does indeed suck.

I've gone with e107 which took 15 minutes to install and is pretty easy to use.

It may not be the best but it is easy and free and I don't want to deal with much for my portal.

I have the fantastico thingy in my linux host :) so there`s whole lot of cms abt 20 i think just click install LOL !

BTW i`m using PHPnuke from last one year ..... i don`t find anything hard in that tho it`s pretty heavy(18 MB something) CMS compared to drupal n all .

You can have a look at here a whole lot Cms :)