Hello I have about ten sites, none very large which we have hosted on our own server since 2004. However as we had reduced the number of sites to only about ten we no longer need a dedicated server so Ild like to move the sites to a new host just for those sites

The sites are running Cold Fusion 6.1 MX on LInux

Because the sites are mostly built in an old version Ild prefer to find a new host for these with someone who can host on that version of CF running on Linux as then it should be a simple transfer

Can any one sugest any company or business who can do this. I am finding that whilst there is lots of hosts for Cold Fusion none I can find have an early version running CF6.1 MX on Linus and am keen to find an individual or hosting company who we can pay to host these with and appreciate any advice


I doubt any hosting company will host 6.1 because it is no longer supported. The lowest you might find is 7 but if you do they are soon to move to 8 or 9 because of security and demand. I would figure out the difference between your 6.1 applications to version 8 or 9 to see if any tags were removed or replaced. You could always download a developer edition of 8 or 9 and test the websites to make sure they still work. There is also a code analyzer in the coldfusion admin under debugging and logging you can use to scan directories to find potential compatibility issues. So would look into using that. Hope this helps!