Hi there,

I am a complete newbie to JSP so apologies if this is a blindingly obvious question - I have researched on Google, but can't get this working.

I have a simple switch statement as below:

for (int a=0; a<10; a++) {			
  if ( null != countryID[a] ) {
  int country = countryID[a];
     switch(country) {
     case 8:
     out.println("Case 8");
     case 13:
     out.println("Case 13");

     out.println("Default case");


If I set the country integer manually (e.g. int country = 18;) the statement works fine, however If I try to grab the integer from countryID[a] (which is necessary to make the switch dynamic) then it doesn't work.

I'd be most grateful for any advice.

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It might help to know exactly what "doesn't work" means. In any case, do not use scriptlets.

Hey masijade - sorry for being vague, I just get a blank screen with the above code, there are no error messages.

If I plugin a number manually e.g:

int country = 8;

The page loads and the switch statement works.

Based on your advice not to use scripltets I'm assuming there's a better way to do this however I'm completely new to jsp and our website is due to be replaced in the next few months so I was trying to put together a quick fix in the meantime.


Check the logs. There is an error somewhere.

As far as not using scriptlets, all I can say is to read the tutorials (the JEE tutorials, of course).

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