I am working on RHEL 5. I have to build a web automation framwork using Ruby. when I am trying to read a XML file using Chilkat ruby I am getting following error.

Ruby code where I am getting the error.

require 'rubygems'
require 'Chilkat'



xml = Chilkat::CkXml.new()
@strContent = Chilkat::CkString.new()
@strTag = Chilkat::CkString.new()
@strXml = Chilkat::CkString.new()
@processNode = xml.SearchForTag(nil,"t:test_case")



While running the code I am getting this message --

/root/Desktop/readxml.rb:14:in `LoadXmlFile': Expected argument 0 of type CkXml *, but got Chilkat::CkXml #<Chilkat::CkXml:0x000000038e3... (TypeError)
in SWIG method 'LoadXmlFile'
from /root/Desktop/readxml.rb:14:in `<main>'

Please help me in resolving the error.


Any reason you can't use the answers you've gotten on the other forums you spammed this to?

I have checked the chilkat documentation and other sites as well and it seems that no one has faced this error. May be something wrong I am doing.

If you some idea please let me know.