I have a aadd' hyper link by clicking the link it open a new window after selecting the data from right table to left table i click OK button, by clickig the button child window will closed , now if i click the same hyper link again the newly added data is not showing in the window
But newly added data is showing in DB(sql)but data is not refresh to jsp

code is like

<TD align="left" valign="middle">
            <A id="abc" href="javascript:showmt('Div');" style="display:none;">
<% if(intUserModAcc == 0) {%>
<bean:message key="add"/>
<% }else{ %>
<bean:message key="remove"/>
    <% } %>
<LABEL id="xyz" style="font-weight:bold;"></LABEL>

On clicking 'add' hyper link the page should refresh
please tell me the step to solve this issue
or give me some link to get tutorials

Change it to the following:

<A id="abc" href="javascript:showmt('Div'); location.reload(true);" style="display:none;">

When you have javascript in the href, it is telling the browser to execute that javascript, it is not telling the browser to navigate anywhere.