i need to build a slider. which is not there in the page when it loads. then after few seconds it appears and slides from the right hand side of the window and stops at some position on the screen. then after few seconds it changes its image into another one. each and every one of the images has a different displaying time. that time is a database data and i have to specify it accordingly...
I have no idea how to do this and i am a newbie to javascript. i don't know whether javascript can do this, maybe another technology.. please give me an idea..

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For this process you are going to have to know quite a bit of javascript, CSS3 transitions+transformations+animations, and some server side scripting (I'm partial to PHP) to interact with your database.
You can find tutorials on all these technologies at the w3schools website. Good luck and have fun!

i well with php what kind of things i can use with javascript for this? an idea pls? keyword maybe? thanx a lot for your reply.

thanxxx ... but how can i give a specific displaying time for each and every image??? using javascript? i have no idea.. and i need to have this in a loop.

There is a plenty of javascript slider plugin written by multiple framework such jquery, mootools, dojo, prototype, and so on.

You can google that.

CSS3 can't support in all browser especially IE 8 and minor version. If you don't mind with IE, you can use it. Most of the modern browsers support CSS3 very well.

ok thanx guys. i coded a javascript slider. it's working :)

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