i have asked something similar to this before.

basically i have looked around and i can see that it seems it is possible to send email from a different email account using php.

but what is the best way to stop the server being blacklisted?

it want be used to send out spam. but it will be memebrs who will sign up and send newsletters to their clients but having it show as their own email address in the from box.

any help greatly appreciated.


That is depending on your mail server configuration and how you send an e-mail using php, and there is to many possibilities :) but i will write how i can do in your situation.
1. disable "from mail" local account checking and auto-insert custom "from" or "receive" data, on your mail server
2. use custom php code (like my class: XPertMailer), to have more control on how a mail is sending

thanks so i can disable this within cpanel and use my own php script to send using from a different mail account showing?

thanks again for your help