Good day everyone..
I'm very very new to javascript, i found this tutorial i was reading and it said to insert the below javascript code to a HTML document between the <body> </body> tags. The code is :

<script language=“JavaScript”>
<!- -

document.writeln(“Hello, welcome to my page.” );


I inserted this to a HTML document i had written before but it DIDN'T WORK i.e no changes were reflected. I then created a new HTML document and inserted the code but i gave me a BLANK page. I tried on both safari and mozilla both of which javascript has been enabled. Please an ideas on what the problem might be??

Thanks for you help

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I think the

<script language ="">

has been deprecated
try use this instead

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">

Thanks "lordrt" but its not working either..

The title of this post didn't need to contain "On Macbook Pro" Javascript is handled by Java and the client internet browser, therefore the OS makes no difference to how Javascript runs, it merely hosts it. Saying that, you should make sure you do not have Javascript disabled within your internet browser, this would account for this change not being reflected.

Could you post the entire page content on here? Which starts from <html> and ends at </html>

Thank you.

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