$encoding must be something from the PHPMailer script which is just meant to do the email side of things, I don't believe I have to declare it anywhere. As for my original code, I had specified both as I'd read that it may have been causing an issue to not refer to both the temporary file and the original file. I can't seem to find an example online for the exact purpose I need, which is surprising

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Well, until you can sort out the $Encoding variable, it probably won't work. If it's referring to utf-8, you could try hard-coding it to see what happens. BUT, you need to search the documentation.

THinking about it, shouldn't it be:

$this->Encoding or even $this->encoding


@ardav: Well spotted. I checked in my PHPMailer code. It should indeed be your first suggestion.

However, I suggest you upgrade you PHPMailer to the latest version because my version (CreateHeader) is entirely different. I have a feeling you're working with a very old version.

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