Hi guys! I'm working on a script to manage newsletter and I'm actually thinking how to manage eventually freat amount of mail deliveries when they are sent.
What I mean if that i'm pretty sure that send something like thousands emails at once could be seen as spam from server so what i'm suppose to do with that?
I were thinking to use a sleep function to wait a while every ... don't know... 100 emails processed?
What you think about? I would appreciate your suggestion!



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If you foresee huge mails, perhaps use a third party to administer your mail?

Hey ardav thank for reply me. Yes I was considering phplist but doesn't seem so stable and so I was wondering why don't do it myself. Is something I could sell to customer too if well done. Anyway phplist would use something to delay sendmail isn't it? I was wondering just what kind of technique.


Hi. I'm the developer of XPertMailer.
If you need to send bulk mails, the most important thing is:
1. how many per minute/hour/day/wwek/month ?
2. Q is enable on mail server ?, or each mail is delivery direct to client (destination) ?
2. your domain sender (mail from) is in white list on: gmail, yahoo and hotmail ?

Hi eX, please to meet you.
Actually the most bulk needing is about a weekly email for 10.000 subscriber.
Each mail is delivery direct to client and actually I'm trying to manage it with a sleep(). Honestly I don't know too what a Q is. I would appreciate a link if you can provide me. In the while I will google it to know more about.
The sender email is on whitelist, usually with gmail domain.

Thanks for interesting!


Well, if you do not intend to use a 3rd party software (mail server) for mail delivery (using Q = Queue), and you choose to send directly, then, you can send how many you need in the same time, except is: if an email fails to delivery then you can't handle this directly, you will need to write a log file with those mails, and attempt to re-send later (this is done by queue automatically in mail server).

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