hello friends i am upto software for the school management system and i have completed student info form and class and subject form.now i am stuck in fee section i want to use head and subhead concept that is based on charts of acount.can you people clear me that thing that how should i make the fee section..as fee is different for different classess

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My friend, as I am definitely not in your country, I can not imagine what you are talking about. I will be glad to help you at the PHP related stuff. (here to mention that I did such a system for my school but it was more like where the teachers write notes and messages for parents.)


School/College projects seem to be the same every year - write a school management system of some description. Imagine the 1000s of students who've had to endure this repetitive, unimaginative piece of drivel. ANyway, if you can't find the answer in google or a search in this forum, have a look at your relational model.

i want to use head and subhead concept that is based on charts of acount

makes absolutely no sense at all. Did you get it from Google Translate? Try again.

PUPIL [form_id FK]
CLASSES [subject_id FK] - can include fees in this?
PUPIL_CLASSES [pupil_id FK, class_id FK]

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